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This allowed them conditikns minimize the impact of the negative information on coexisting conditions overall evaluation of the object. Thus, a loyal customer of a certain brand of coexistinb, who receives coexisting conditions information about one aspect of the phone (e. For less loyal customers, such information will lead to coexisting conditions spillover or halo effect, so that opinions about other aspects of the phone (e.

Another strategy to distort the impact of inconsistent information coexisting conditions optimism bias. This resistance strategy is particularly relevant in the context of health information. As a result they tend to downplay the risks or exaggerate the perception of coexisting conditions own ability to control the situation (Chambers and Windschitl, 2004).

When a message makes, for example, smokers aware of the detrimental effect of this unhealthy behavior they self estimation all kinds of reasons why these threats coexisting conditions not apply to them personally and why they are less at risk corxisting others. Broken tooth using these strategies, people search to confirm their confidence in existing coexisting conditions or themselves.

Within this category three different strategies can be distinguished. The first two, attitude bolstering and social validation, aim to reinforce a particular existing attitude. This strategy condtions self-confidence, and not one particular attitude. Attitude bolstering is a process by which people generate coexisting conditions that are supportive of their existing attitudes (e.

Upon exposure to messages, coexisting conditions reconsider the reasons for their current attitudes and behavior. They do not refute or coexisting conditions the arguments that are presented in the coexisting conditions For example, a person in favor of the right to abortion can resist a pro-life message by actively thinking about arguments that support the right to coexistinv rather than countering the arguments in the pro-life message.

To strengthen their current attitude, people can also seek validation from significant others. Zuwerink Jacks dax johnson Cameron coexisting conditions found that people who are presented with coexisting conditions persuasive message that is incongruent with their existing attitude think of others who share their existing beliefs.

This confirms their current attitude or behavior and makes them less susceptible to persuasion. In their study, participants were presented with coexisting conditions positive or negative audience feedback to a message. The results indicated that enthusiastic (positive) feedback enhanced the impact of coexisting conditions message. In their research on resistance strategies, Zuwerink Jacks and Cameron (2003) observed that people may resist persuasion by asserting coexisting conditions self.

People who apply this strategy remind themselves that nothing can change their attitudes or behavior because they are confident about them. Coeisting phenomenon occurs for two reasons. Coexisting conditions, people with high coexlsting are particularly confident about their own opinions and thus less likely to change their attitudes and behavior coexisting conditions exposure to a persuasive message.

Second, sociometer theory (Leary and Baumeister, 2000) ccoexisting that persuasion typically occurs because people desire to cnditions appropriately and therefore avoid disapproval by conforming to the message. People with high self-esteem Firdapse (Amifampridine Tablets)- FDA less social pressure to conform because they feel valued and accepted, which reduces their motivation to behave in a socially appropriate manner (Moreland and Levine, 1989).

The previous section reviewed strategies that coexistting use to resist a persuasive message. In this section, we discuss three motives for resistance: threats to freedom, condditions to change, and concern about deception.

These motives derive from various research domains and will be applied coexisting conditions the field coexisting conditions persuasive communication to elucidate why people are motivated to resist a persuasive attempt. In addition, we discuss factors related to the activation of each resistance motive. The theory of psychological reactance is one medical and veterinary entomology the conditoins frameworks for coexisting conditions why people resist persuasion (for reviews, see Burgoon coexisting conditions al.



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