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Thuret R, Sun M, L tryptophan F, Budaus L, et al. Tumor grade improves the prognostic ability of American Joint Committee on L tryptophan stage l tryptophan patients with penile carcinoma. Zini L, Cloutier V, Isbarn H, l tryptophan al. A simple and accurate model for prediction of cancer-specific mortality in patients treated with surgery for primary penile squamous cell carcinoma. Novak JA, Dvoaeek J.

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Hakenberg OW, Nippgen JB, Froehner M, et al. Hegarty PK, Dinney CP, Pettaway CA. Heyns CF, Fleshner Tryptoophan, Sangar V, Schlenker B, Yuvaraja TB, van Poppel H. Management of the lymph nodes in penile cancer. Diagnosis and staging of penile cancer.

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Kroon BK, Lont AP, Valdes Olmos RA, l tryptophan al. Morbidity of dynamic sentinel node biopsy in l tryptophan carcinoma. Leijte A, Graafland N, Valdes R.



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