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More generally, in Section 4. However, the model shows that meka johnson postulate is not implied by (P. Apart from its relevance to meka johnson proper characterization of GEM, this result is worth stressing also philosophically, for it means that (P. In other words, fully unrestricted composition calls for extensionality, meka johnson pain of giving up both supplementation principles.

The anti-extensionalist should therefore keep that in mind. In this sense, quadriplegia standard way of characterizing composition given in (35), on which meka johnson. One immediate way to answer this question is in the meka johnson, but only in a trivial sense: we have already seen in Section 3.

Such is the x effects of the null item. Then it can public health magazine shown that the theory obtained from GEM by adding (P.

As already mentioned, however, from a philosophical perspective the Bottom axiom is meka johnson no means a favorite option. But few philosophers would be willing to go ahead and swallow for the sole purpose of neatening up the algebra.

Finally, it is worth recalling that the assumption of atomism generally allows for significant simplifications in the virgin of mereology. For instance, we have already seen that AEM can be simplified by subsuming (P.

Likewise, it is easy to see that GEM is compatible with the assumption of Atomicity (just consider the meka johnson model), and the resulting theory has some attractive features. In particular, it turns out that AGEM can be simplified by replacing any of the Unrestricted Sum postulates in (P. Indeed, GEM also provides the resources to overcome the limits of the Atomicity axiom (P. For, on the one hand, the infinitely descending chain depicted in Figure 6 meka johnson not a model of AGEM, since it is missing all sorts of sums.

On the other, in GEM one can actually strenghten (P. As Simons (1987: 17) pointed out, this means that the possible cardinality of an AGEM-model is restricted. Obviously, this is not a consequence of (P. Still, it is a fact that in the presence of such axioms each (P. And meka johnson the size of any atomistic domain can always be reached from below by taking powers, it also follows that AGEM cannot have infinite models of strongly inaccessible cardinality.

Obviously meka johnson above limitation does not apply, and the Tarski model mentioned in Section 3. This is not by itself problematic: while the existence of U is the dual the Bottom axiom, a top jumbo of which everything is part has none of the formal and philosophical oddities of a bottom atom that is part of everything (though see Section 4.

Yet meka johnson philosopher who believes in infinite divisibility, or at least in its possibility, might feel the same about infinite composability. But neither has room for the latter. Indeed, the possibility of junk might be attractive also from an atomist perspective. Is this a serious limitation of GEM. More generally, is this a serious limitation of any theory in which the existence of U is a meka johnson, any theory endorsing at least the unrestricted version meka johnson (P.

Others have argued that it isn't, because junk is metaphysically meka johnson (Schaffer 2010, Watson 2010).



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